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  • Who Are We When We’ve Lost Everything that Mattered

    Have you ever been separated from the things that once defined you? Maybe it was your career, your marriage, your appearance, or an ability you had, but lost. How lost did you feel? How hard was it to meet new people and to answer the most basic questions like where do you live, or what …[ read more ]

  • When Christmas Has Nothing to Do with You

    This season isn’t about you, is it? What do you have to do with Jesus? Nothing, really. Most days you don’t stop even once to consider what Jesus would do or what He thinks of your life. You’re not against Him or angry with Him. You’re not consciously running from Him. He’s just not on …[ read more ]

  • The Twelve Sanity Checks of Christmas

    Sanity Check Number One: The world has always been in trouble at Christmas even before there was Christmas. Through every generation there has been trouble, suffering, and trial in the world as Christians lit candles for the Christ child and slipped gifts under trees. We inhale the world’s toxins and exhale the breath of Christ …[ read more ]

  • When There’s Sorrow in Your Silent Night

    Jesus’ birth came at an inconvenient time for Joseph and Mary. I deeply appreciate the inconvenience of the original happening as Christmas approaches this year. As I write, my father is on hospice, growing weaker daily. I treasure every moment with him even though I know his death is merely a doorway to eternity and …[ read more ]

  • The Twelve Things to Forget at Christmas

    Are you worried you’ll forget something this Christmas? I’m worried there are some important things you WON’T forget. You see, the best way to celebrate Jesus is to step into the freedom He came to give us. Whatever the season, the best way to testify to the reality and truth of Jesus is to live it …[ read more ]