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  • How We Can Own This Election – (Part One)

    We can own this election. Jesus walked this earth during times of great political, racial, cultural, and religious unrest. The New Testament was penned amid such times and the gospel went viral, transmitted person to person despite intense persecution, in times long before social media. In other words, followers of Jesus have every reason to …[ read more ]

  • Seven Biblical Steps for Redeeming the Loss of Normal Life

    Have you noticed that our lives have transitioned from rescue mode to recovery? With some 400 miles of coastline in my tiny state, there are frequent calls for boats in distress, missing swimmers, or communication lost with returning fishermen. We hit our knees when crews head out on rescue missions and intensify our prayers when …[ read more ]

  • Five Ways to Prepare to Minister as Things Get Uglier

    How can we be here for each other when the world spins out of control? In March of 2019, in the days surrounding the death of my father with whom I was very close, I experienced a life-altering trauma. The details of my trauma involve other people’s actions and so, I won’t share them, but …[ read more ]

  • Is Anyone Else Screaming Inside “We Don’t Have Time for This?”

    Admit it. You wonder, too, don’t you? I think we all wonder a bit, these days. At least, those of us raised in our faith with the biblical understanding that Jesus is coming again. All of us who sat with our teen youth group in darkened theaters watching “A Thief in the Night” or “A …[ read more ]

  • A Psalm for a Pandemic

    O Lord, have mercy on us as we endure this year we did not foresee. At the first sign of trouble, we rose to the challenge, we united, we cried out to You with one voice and we placed our hope in a quick remedy. Now, we confess we’re short-sighted, impatient, low on stamina, and …[ read more ]