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  • Behind Closed Doors – Hard Conversations among Christians about Racism

    My friend called me out. I’m a writer. A Jesus-follower. I have a platform. Of course, I should use it to speak into this moment. Why else would God give me a voice in these times? I literally wrote the book on how to have hard conversations. So this radical Jesus-lover sent this: “Lori, we need to you …[ read more ]

  • Abuse of Power

    Whatever the headlines are on our preferred news stations, I believe there is a single headline about 2020 in heaven and it reads, “Abuse of Power.” I’m not going to be cute with this blog. I’ll cut to the chase. I write for Christians because I love Jesus and I adore His people. There’s nothing …[ read more ]

  • O, Me, Of Little Faith

    Lately I’ve been noticing the invisible people in Bible stories. Recently, it was a whole crowd who had previously managed to elude my view. Who were these people? These ones who came out to the wilderness to hear John the Baptist, to repent of their sins, and to be baptized? In all my years reading …[ read more ]

  • Praying through a Pandemic – Book 1 – Our Initial Confinement

    These past weeks have been an unprecedented time in most of our lives. The upheaval, confusion, isolation, conflict, grief and fear were widespread, but so, too, was creativity, renewal, and re-connection as we reinvented our lives. While some of us have found insight and relief from pausing life as usual, others have been pressed into …[ read more ]

  • Judging, Not.

    Did you ever meet someone and know immediately that you were kindred spirits? That he or she would become part of your fellowship of the ring? That’s how I felt the first time I encountered Maggie Wallem Rowe. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to her and to her knew devotional – This Life We …[ read more ]