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  • My Bucket List

    Do you struggle with your eyesight? Recently, I’ve experienced extensive eye strain and scheduled a visit with my optometrist. Was I having trouble seeing distance? No. Was I struggling to read? Not really. Then, she asked, what is the trouble? I looked at the desktop where she was seated about two feet from me. “There!” …[ read more ]

  • Christians Don’t Send Explosives Through the Mail

    Words are powerful. Not just the president’s words, the Pope’s, famous people’s, or writers. Your words make an impact on the world. We shouldn’t pretend words don’t wield tremendous influence on the planet. Especially, Christians. We know better. We follow the God who is the Word, the Word that became flesh, the Eternal Word, the …[ read more ]

  • There Lives a Monster, Who was Once a Little Boy

    A monster moved into Providence, RI sometime in the past two weeks. At least, that’s what the mobs who protest outside his building have written on their signs and shout up at the windows. He’s a monster who preys on young boys and they want him turned out of their neighborhood. The scenes on the …[ read more ]

  • The Problem with Peace

    Peace is a popular topic. I mean, you can see why, right? Peace is like the cool dude of virtues, which is why it became a hand signal in the sixties. Peace is a place we can all agree, a platform on which we can all stand and applaud speech after speech made in its …[ read more ]

  • ACME Log-Removal Service VS. The Long Way

    Log-removal in my life is never a “one-and-done” proposition. Apparently, in my soul, there’s an entire redwood forest of old growth trees that my unsanctified self can split into logs the enemy uses to blind me to my own failings and prejudices at any time. I have been guilty of subscribing to the ACME school of log-removal services by …[ read more ]