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  • The Half-Life of a Believer Lingering in the Tomb

    Death is a cold thud onto unforgiving earth. It’s the keening wail of a bereft soul. Death is an empty stare. An icy rain. A debt come due in a dry season. An unwelcome knock at the door. A thief in the night. A dagger at your rib. A hand around your throat. A betrayal. …[ read more ]

  • My Father Has Gone Home

    My father died at 2:16 am on Wednesday this week after four years battling liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. He fully enjoyed most of the past four years until the illness truly took its toll. He and I were able to spend hours and hours together through this time. It may be a couple of …[ read more ]

  • The Alternative

    I can get pretty worked up imagining that the furthering of the kingdom of God depends on me. How am I going to convince people of the existence of God? How will I share the gospel with everyone in my life? When will I ever find time to research every trending controversy and know the …[ read more ]

  • Worship Shootings – A Hard Conversation that is More than Thoughts and Prayers

    Followers of Jesus Christ should be having some hard conversations with God and within their congregations in the wake of the New Zealand Mosque shooting. We live in times when worshipers have been gunned down in mosques, synagogues, and churches. How, then, shall the followers of Christ respond? First, let us confirm on every level …[ read more ]

  • A Post I Wrote from Inside the Belly of a Large Fish

    I’ve been studying the book of Jonah. I used to see it primarily as a story about a man who ran from God. That’s not me. So, I enjoyed studying Jonah because it was a safe foray into someone else’s follies. Slim chance of personal conviction. A prophet with issues. A follower who doesn’t like …[ read more ]