Woke Up on the Front Lines Today

travel-252945_640I hate that God has my number.
You ever feel that way?
See, I have pretty big aspirations for myself.
You know,
writing bestselling books,
influencing cultures,
changing minds,
building kingdoms
(His, of course, God’s kingdom, which I never confuse with my own, right?)
And then, I write one line that someone quotes on Facebook
so I feel like hot stuff
and I wonder what’s taking God so long to “get with my program.”
I’m a warrior.
I should see some real action.
So, I get a little huffy,
you know, because I’m so amazing and so designed to influence culture and
build kingdoms and all
but God’s just not optimizing my talents
for some frustratingly unknowable reason.
But then, something small puts me flat on my back –
a germ
a tick bite
the heat –
seriously, I can be sidelined by weather,
some warrior.
And that humbles me enough
that I start asking the right questions
and listening
carefully again.
He says things like
“Be content with what you have.”
“I am –
all you need.”
“You are –
loved, accepted, noticed.”
“There is-
a plan.”
“Hang with me and pay attention.”
So, I spend today being with Jesus.
He is right there in every moment.
I noticed people at work
not just clients –
other people
and I listened
and I felt His compassion for each one.
And I realized
my office has a culture
that I can influence
and the people I meet everyday
are not an unreached people group –
except that they are.
At home,
I watched the end of The Blues Brothers movie with my dad,
laughing at the foolishness,
jamming to the tunes,
playing “what’s that actor’s name?” about thirty-seven times
the old-fashioned way – without Google
I cooked dinner for my family
and thought about how I am
their only daughter,
and this is my kingdom
the one I longed and prayed for the twenty-seven years I was growing up and single –
they are my answered prayer.
And I  found
that better than my highest aspirations
is just following Jesus around my own neighborhood
and watching Him transform
what I see everyday
into a calling
of the highest order.
There I was, longing to see action,
begging to be sent off to war
only to find out
I live on the front lines.
What’s it like when Jesus comes to your place?

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    The Conversation

  1. Man, we so need to keep this perspective. Thanks Warrior Woman and Influencer Indeed.

  2. Amen, sister. This is exactly where I’m at right now, in the midst of everything else.

    May I wake up tomorrow and embrace the day He’s given me, the place He’s placed me in, the people around me. For His glory and their salvation!

  3. Betty Jo says:

    Not only are you an incredible writer Lori, but I think you read minds! I was just thinking similar thoughts last night. “Watching Him transform what I see everyday into a calling of the highest order” I’m learning, is truly the highest! With you on the front lines!!

  4. Judith Robl says:

    Lori, you did it again. Great post; wonderful reminder of just who and where we are.