When You’re Waiting for “YES” in a World Full of “NO”

So much of our lives, we’re waiting to hear the word “Yes.”

Yes, you can go out and play.

Yes, you can have dessert.

Yes, you can stay up late.

Yes, I want to be your friend.

Yes, I think you’re pretty.

Yes, I’ll go out with you.

Yes, you’ve been accepted.

Yes, you passed the test.

Yes, you’ve got the job.

Yes, you’ve made the sale, saved the patient, sold the book, got the part, helped the child.

Yes, I want to marry you.

Yes, the baby’s healthy.

Yes, the test is negative.

Yes, Mom, I’ve accepted Jesus.

The world is a mine field of “no’s” and often we walk with sweeping tip-toe testing the next grid, hoping to avoid the shrapnel of rejection.

Other times we roam clumsily like rogue cows through the bomb laden pasture avoiding no’s through sheer luck and the grace that God visits on dumb animals who stray from safe pasture.

But sometimes there’s no dodging the explosive “no’s” that rip at our hearts and flesh and hopes until we wonder if there are any yes’s left for us, perhaps one yes just large enough to lay like gauze over our worst wounds and stop the bleeding caused by a powerful, well-placed no.

And as we lay in the muddy field of our rejections and losses, gasping for air and wondering if we’ll be the one that doesn’t make it out, our eyes flutter open, and we see someone has written a message for us in the clouds.

“For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.” 2 Corinthians 1:20

All the promises of God find their YES in Jesus.

He is the YES that will not only stop our bleeding, He will heal us entirely in His time. On that day, we’ll know that all the waiting to hear Yes was just a foreshadowing of the YES we’ll find in Him.

A yes that will answer all the questions we didn’t even know we were asking.

A yes that will end our search for any other affirmation.

A yes that will resound through eternity.

A yes that will shatter ever no that has ever been uttered so they will disintegrate and fall back into the dust from which no was created.

And as we lie on our backs, eyes to the sky, clinging to the hope of this promise of yes in Him, our parched lips find the strength in Him to form our own Amen – so be it to God for His glory!

He is the only Yes we need.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful, powerful, affirming post, Lori. It made me wonder, that if all the yeses–the fulfilled promises of God–find their YES in Him alone, then why don’t I say, “Yes!” to Him more often? Why do I drag my feet to avoid saying an immediate yes to whatever He asks of me, which, in essence, is the equivalent of saying a resounding no of disobedience! Yes, “yes” means assent, an affirmative response, and would that I would just say that kind of instanecous “yes” to Jesus–the simple yes of obedience, without all my rebellious equivocating. But I also love *this* definition when “yes” is used as an interjection so as to mean “a strong expression of joy, pleasure, or approval.” Wow! Would that I would immediately say *that* kind of yes to the One in Whom all the promises of God culminate and find their ultimate YES–to the One who said YES to God in face of imminent, excruciating death for you, for me, for the JOY set before Him. Would that I could happily say a wholehearted YES to the One who died for me so that I might live for Him. When I realize the horrific sacrifice Christ made for me, when I truly realize that at a bone-deep, heart-deep level, it’s then that I can shout YES! to whatever He asks of me and know true joy! Thank you for helping me realize today that all the noes I’ve said to Christ have thwarted my life, my joy, my very yeses to the great I AM YES!!!!!!! Yes, I don’t want to say no to Him any longer!
    Blessings to you Lori!
    Lynn Morrissey