When Satan Quotes the Bible

Somedays it seems that the world is on fire.

Rampant wildfires out west. The destruction is heartbreaking. Fire, unchecked and misused, becomes a terrible, terrible weapon.

And yet, fire respected, channeled, and handled appropriately brings warmth, life, and light. A good fire can be the difference between survival or death.

God’s Word is like a fire. He declares it so in Jeremiah 23:29 “Is not my word like fire, declares the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?” Handled appropriately, Scripture brings warmth, life, and light.

Misused, the destruction can break hearts and destroy souls. We must be aware of the tactics our enemy uses against us and one of his most insidious weapons is to use God’s Word for the downfall of many.

Satan tried to quote Scripture to Jesus when he tempted Him in the desert. How arrogant and self-deceived is he to think he could trip Jesus up with the words of the Father?

It failed him then, but since the devil has no creative powers, Satan is stuck repeating his own tactics again and again. Those who fail to learn from Jesus’ example, are doomed to fall prey and the devil makes headway by twisting God’s Holy Word.

This happens on an individual level when we elevate certain passages of scripture and ignore others. Certainly, we read God’s Word with wisdom, in context, considering the form of each passage – whether poetry, prophecy, or parable. But, we must read widely in His Word, not confining ourselves to pet pages and promises, while ignoring challenges and commands.

It happens on an institutional level within families and within the Body of Christ, when leaders or those in authority exercise a double-standard in application.

There are cowards in power over households or congregations holding others to harsh rebuke when they violate God’s Word while grasping grace to their own breasts like shields when confronted with their sin and plugging their ears against correction with the words of Roman’s 3:23, like a holy “na-na I can’t hear you.”

These errant ones wound many lambs who then wander from the fold or break beneath the merciless rod, thinking God must be abusive, harsh, and cruel as these who feign to represent Him. It is on us, God’s people, to stand against abusive application of God’s Word and to call it the lie that it is.

We must grow up in these times, and inhabit the wisdom God promises us, so we can confidently apply correction or hold faithful followers accountable, while still calling out those who misuse Scripture as a whip to maintain control over the powerless and the loyal.

This evil tactic appears on an even larger scale these days, as Satan grows bolder, knowing His time grows short. Never have I seen such frequent misappropriation of God’s Word through the media and through political leaders as I have in these times.

One particularly blatant example occurs on a television series on Hulu called “The Handmaid’s Tale.” I don’t recommend this show for personal viewing. I do recommend, however, that those ministering to young women or outreaching women be aware of its content.

This is the description as found in Wikipedia, “In the near future, fertility rates collapse as a result of sexually transmitted diseases and environmental pollution. With this chaos, the totalitarian, theonomic government of ‘Gilead’ establishes rule in the former United States in the aftermath of a civil war. Society is organized by power-hungry leaders along with a new, militarized, hierarchical regime of fanaticism and newly created social classes, in which women are brutally subjugated, and by law are not allowed to work, own property, handle money, or read.”

The brutal villains of this series misquote God’s Word flagrantly and repeatedly to defend their subjugation and harsh treatment of women while excusing themselves all failings. I have been horrified to watch this show gain momentum among young women, even sparking feminists to dress as “handmaids” during protests.

Yes, it’s fiction. Yes, it’s a brilliantly written, well-acted story. But, the twisted integration of Holy Scripture within the plotline is a blatant, destructive, demonic form of propaganda, such as I’ve never seen. It is holy war waged against unwitting souls so openly, so publicly, so breath-takingly effectively, the church will be grappling to address the damage for at least a generation.

Jesus set women free. God’s Holy Word demonstrates His love for women, our equality in the eyes of God, and testifies that we are made in His image. No matter what it teaches about order or roles within relationships, homes, or churches, God is clear that women, like men, are loved, forgiven, redeemed, gifted, and destined for glory through Jesus Christ.

Loved ones, we live and serve our Lord in the days of rampant wolves. Jesus told His followers, “’Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.’” Matthew 10:16 ESV

If we are going to be light in a dark world, we must be aware of what lurks in that darkness and be prepared to call it out. We know our enemy has sent wolves disguised to worship beside us and we must have courage to confront them when we catch a glint of canine teeth on fellow sheep. And we know our enemy is inoculating souls against God’s Holy Word, so we must pray and do as Jesus did in the desert – Remain calm. Reclaim God’s Word for truth. Bring the dark lies into the light.

Live, unapologetically, for Christ with both actions and words. Know His Word. Be aware when Satan quotes it with evil intent. Believe that the Bible is a light saber defending itself when we wield it well.

Yes, His Word is a fire. Just as firefighters set backfires to combat flames, so God’s people are equipped to send the enemy running as his plans to defeat us backfire at the proper application of God’s Word.

When Satan quotes the Bible, calmly stand your ground, open your mouth, and let truth come out. There’s nothing to fear, but there are backfires to light and actions to take in Jesus’ name.

If your faith is small, strike a match, loved one. Watch Him do the rest.

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    The Conversation

  1. Margaret Lalich says:

    Well said Lori – THANK YOU ! Blessings, Love and Laughter to you

  2. Bruce says:

    Right on!!!

    Our largest demographic of lost souls, or at least unchurched souls in my portion of the vinyard, is folks that have been “church-hurt”.
    We are regularly seeking to help wounded sheep know the Truth, who sets them free.

  3. I agree with you! I can’t believe the audacity of Satan to quote twisted Scripture to the Son of God – and the Author – without fear.

    The most important lesson from this story for me is that Satan’s lies can be defeated by the truth of God’s Word. He cannot stand in the face of the Word! Even if it’s just snatches of a verse, the truth overpowers Satan.

  4. So true and so frightening how easily people who don’t know can be deceived by just misquoting, interpreting, or applying scripture. It scares me to hear of bibles that have been rewritten to leave out certain parts. Thank you for your message.

  5. Thank You Lori, for ypur boldness, to declare truth, despite the fallout!!!

    Christ Armorvis well worn in your written proclaiming of honest true, in a world swamped with blinders while wading innthe swamps of todays hyprocracy and denial!

    Press on fierce writer of truth press on! Otherwise the steamrollers of deception and blatant demoralization of another human life capture any fragment of dignity and value for life.

  6. Maxine D says:

    This post is so so true – Thank you.
    If we weld the sword of the Word of God, we must know how to use it in it’s entirety, not by taking wee, pet passages that stroke our egos. And yes, Christ came to redeem ALL mankind and we are ALL equally loved and redeemed into the fullness of Christ. The blessings, power and spiritual insights Paul prays for in Ephesians Chpt 1 are for all – not just a select few.

  7. Hannah Flack says:

    Hi, I love the thought of blazing new trails for Him and moving forward from out mistakes. We can use them as tools to learn from, or we can let guilt keep us in a rut. I choose to blaze forward. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Regards Hannah Flack