When God Rolls Up His Sleeves

praise-1154566_640I love God on Sundays
when He is wearing His Kingly robes and seated
on His throne.
I love God on Sundays
when He receives our corporate worship;
peoples across the globe
gathering first in China, huddled in house churches,
hidden from the hostile government
then onto the grassy steppes or the convents stationed
among India’s poor,
worshiped en-mass by passionate hearts in Korea,
blowing like a Holy wind across the plains of Africa
where drums and human hands beat the songs of praise
in a contagious rhythm
and then onto our doorsteps
where electric guitars and organs create
a mysterious composition that sounds like the strains of Mozart
to His ears where He receives on worship from His throne on High.
I love God on Sundays.
But what I love about God most
is that on weekdays, He wraps Himself in light,
He dons the overalls of the everyman,
rolling up his sleeves, or
He puts on a suit or Levi’s or turnout gear
and He walks with His children,
with me,
through the week
getting His hands dirty in the labor
we call our lives
and when I catch a glimpse of Him,
face alight with joy
as He shields me, and comforts me,
corrects me, and cajoles me,
directs me, and leads me to see what
I would have missed
then every moment becomes an act of worship
and I fall in love with Him again and again.
And the mysterious phrase that He is, and was, and is to come
becomes my everyday reality
because God is with me
not only preparing the way,
not only guiding this moment,
but also weaving the broken threads of my yesterdays
into something that will be a good thing
on one of these tomorrows.
I love God on Sundays.
And I love God on weekdays.
Have you spent any time with the God of Everyday?
Don’t miss out.

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    The Conversation

  1. Ordinary times. I love it. Beautiful post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And I love the way your mind works and how you share it with us. Worship is so much more meaningful after I’ve read one of your blogs. It’s like having worship every day. MOMMA

  3. So good Lori! Sometimes He seems even more real and interesting during the weekday normal-life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the beautiful images and words of a glorious Lord who loves us.