When All the Other Trees Are in Bloom

All the other trees were in bloom.

“Don’t tell Hannah, but I think that tree is dead.” My husband said quietly, looking out on our front lawn.

“Give it a little time.” I urged.

We’d only just moved into this home and the tree of which he speaks is impressive and promising but barren of any sign of life. Our daughter is enthralled with it, though, so I can’t imagine how she will handle news of its demise.

All the other trees were barren just a month ago but now they’ve all put on their summer clothes and are decked out in their finest greens.

My husband just shook his head. “I’ll tell you right now. It’s destined for burning.”

Every day, I watched the tree, scouring it for any sign of life.

Then, it began.

I think that most people walking by wouldn’t notice but I’ve been waiting. Scattered here and there among the maze of gray branches are the beginnings of tiny, jagged leaves. I sigh in relief. It isn’t dead it just lags behind the rest. It has a lot of catching up to do but I know that come summer, no one will know that it was late in blooming.

Sometimes I feel like that tree. I think others look at me and shake their heads. “She had such promise.” They think. “She looks like she could be something but nothing seems to be happening with her. Such a disappointment.” My leaves are so slow in appearing that people give up and go to gas up their chain saws.

Fortunately, for me, God is most patient. There is life within me yet and I have this promise from Him. “11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Are you a late bloomer, too? Do you lag behind the others and wonder when you will be touched with the full-bloom of spring?

If you have been planted in the fertile soil of Jesus Christ and your roots have dug deep into His heart, then you will bloom in your season. Don’t listen to the sound of those chainsaws, loved one, they aren’t for you.

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  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Lovely post, Lori. And sometimes we’re not even late bloomers, but God prunes us and takes us through a barren season. But I can’t tell you what comfort I’ve taken through the years in Ps. 1. God used it especially to encourage me when I left a career to raise our daughter–that though was I shedding the lush leafage of professional accolades, if I would stay rooted by streams of living water, I would yield fruit in season. I would NOT ultimately wither. God also promised I would prosper in whatever I did, including this season of motherhood. It seems that the proof is in the pudding or in the roots and not the leaves, as the case may be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so beautiful and appropriate to my life right now. God bless you.