To Those Seeking to Destroy the Church of Jesus Christ on Holy Week

To Those Seeking to Destroy the Church of Jesus Christ on Holy Week,

You think if you spray the walls of our churches with our blood, this will silence the truth. In truth, blood is nothing new to the church. The blood of Jesus Christ was shed for us all. The blood of those slain by humans cries out to our Father God and He hears the testimony of the dead.

The blood of the saints is a river that flows through human history since the death of Jesus Christ. You haven’t caused it – you’ve been caught up in its riptide. Better to join the river of blood than to be crushed upon the Rock when He comes. Let Him who has ears to hear, hear the truth.

You think you will control us or our message with your guns, your bombs, your terrorist claims. In truth, you control nothing.

Our lives are in the hands of Jesus Christ. This week, of all weeks, we remember that He laid down His life; no one took it from Him. We are His people. The timing of your acts this week perfectly coincides with His reminder to us that those who think they are in control, have no lasting power.

You seek to eradicate Christianity from your country, and you believe the lie that you will accomplish this by killing my brothers and sisters. You are deceived like all who came before you. They thought they would end God’s plan by killing His Son, but we know our Father raised Him to eternal life.

Those you’ve slaughtered may be gone from your sight, but they are alive forever. One day, you will see this. And on the day you take the life of the last Christian in your region, that is the day the rocks and stones will cry out, testifying to a truth that cannot be denied. There is One God, there is no other, and the only way to Him is through Jesus Christ.

You are like children shooting pop guns at light bulbs, failing to understand that you’re advancing your own state of darkness.

When we die easily, when we cry out under your oppression, when we plead for mercy as you take our sons and daughters, you imagine we are weak, and so we are.

But we are our Father’s children, so we will not give in to fear. We are our Father’s children, and He will make us strong. We are our Father’s children, so if you take our lives from us, He will raise us up.

We are our Father’s children, so we will not give into hate. We are our Father’s children, so we will ask Him to help us love you, even as you terrorize those we love. We are our Father’s children, so we will intercede for your salvation, your deliverance from darkness, your inclusion in eternal life.

We will plead for your freedom.

You operate from a false matrix. You think you choose, but you’re puppets of an insatiable master using you in his futile last gasp to rob the earth of light. We know the truth about you because we see the greater reality. We see Jesus.

All you must do to find freedom is to turn and look to Him, too. Even with the blood of His children on your hands, He will welcome you into His forgiving arms.

That is what we remember this week. That is the truth we celebrate. You see, your terrorism couldn’t have been better timed. The hound of Heaven pursues even your souls. Abandon the matrix of death to align yourself with life. Then you will understand why even if you take us down in our own house of worship, we will still rise.

Let us pray for those in the path of destruction this week. For our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer for a time until they are united with Christ; and also for those operating in darkness hurtling toward an eternity without the Light of Life.

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  1. Nona says:

    Sister Lori,
    Crying and praying with you…

    Two attacks happened in Egypt yesterday… when we lived there and witnessed the horror of losing people who came to Church to glorify God… no words can describe the deep cut in your heart….

    All we can do, continue loving our Lord Jesus, our brothers and sisters in Christ, praying for those who are blind that they can see…

    God bless everyone.