The Kingdom of God is Like CC’s Story

My friend, Clernise (or CC as we call her), was born in Haiti. She grew up in an orphanage and then survived on her own in Haiti with only the Lord’s help for many years. Her constant prayer to God was that He deliver her from Haiti and get her to America.

My friend, Joe, was born in America. He lived wild for many years until his life came under new management in Jesus Christ. Joe led numerous short-term mission trips to Haiti and on one of them, he met Clernise.

They married and after a long, prayerful, arduous, eighteen month struggle, CC was freed from Haiti and joined Joe in America. I met her over two years ago just at the point where she became an American citizen.

CC loves America and loves being an American. God answered her prayers and delivered her from Haiti. She testifies to that truth at every opportunity.

Yesterday, I attended a farewell party for Joe and CC. God has called them back to Haiti.

It’s actually a perfect calling. They love the Lord. They are mature in their faith and in their marriage. They know the language. They understand the culture. They have a heart for the people of Haiti. We can all see how God’s plan is falling into place for this couple to minister, long-term, in that desperate country.

It’s not easy for CC to return but the CC who goes to Haiti now is not the same woman who left. Before, CC was in bondage to Haiti – not her soul, for that belonged to God – but politically and physically, Haiti ruled over CC. Now, she returns with the rights and protections of an American citizen. She is free to go to Haiti but she is also free to leave. It is no small distinction.

It makes me think about citizenship.

All Christians were once citizens of the kingdom of darkness. We weren’t free to leave. We weren’t free to disobey the rules of the land of darkness. We were in bondage to a dark country. But, then we met the King of the kingdom of light, Jesus Christ. He offered to pay our way into a new citizenship and we received His gift.

Immediately, we came under new management. We are now citizens of the kingdom of heaven. Like Joe and CC, God calls us to represent our new kingdom to those still living in darkness but we no longer live under their authority nor do we follow their rules. We now live under the protection and the laws of a new country. It is no small distinction.

Joe and CC and me, we are citizens of the same kingdom. A kingdom that crosses all borders. A kingdom that knows no bounds. A kingdom come, that is and that is to come.

Clernise embodies the truth of Christ in her spirit and in her story. She was called out of darkness and into the light. And now she carries that light within her and will shine it in whatever darkness God calls her to represent His kingdom. She and Joe are ambassadors – not of America – but of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

I, too, am an ambassador, even though my feet seldom leave American soil. That is because, while I love America, my citizenship and my allegiance are to another kingdom. A kingdom come, that is and that is to come. Wherever I am, I represent the Lord of that Kingdom and invite others to receive freedom from bondage to the darkness.

Add Joe and CC to your prayers as they embark on this mission to serve God by serving the people of Haiti. Then ask yourself this: Where is your citizenship? Where is your allegiance? What kingdom do you represent where you are called?

There is a kingdom that is the land of the free and the home of the brave – are you a citizen of that kingdom?

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    The Conversation

  1. Karin says:

    Excellent! What a great post! May God bless their ministry in Haiti!

  2. Joe Crowley says:

    Very nice, very good, and very true. Merci Anpil. Bondye Benni Ou!!! Remen, Joe & CC

  3. I love you both in every language. Looking forward to the day when we speak the language of love in the kingdom that will never end. Always praying . . .