The Dragon at the Door

dragon-1014565_640It’s the moment you know;
the moment that every minute on your knees
feels like a version of boot camp,
preparation for this particular battle.
It comes out of nowhere
but when you take a minute to reflect
it makes sense
why now
why you
why your loved one
has come under fire
And you feel very still
calling on training
you had no idea was for this
but now, you know.
someone dares say it aloud
could it be?
they ask.
worried you’ll think they’re one of those weird, mystic believers.
warfare, you mean?
you answer.
as confident now as a soldier on his third tour of duty.
oh, yeah,
you nod
it’s definitely warfare.
But with this second sight you suddenly realize you have,
those words seem like a simple observation,
not insight,
not a mysterious message,
just an obvious acknowledgement
that this is an enemy assault,
a smart bomb with your name on it.
Naming it warfare
doesn’t end it
but it does empower you
to wage a defensive assault.
First, you call for a shield wall.
Everyone you know
who has ever bent their knee,
called to bend it now on your behalf.
And there is no shame
in wanting a large force
of well-trained warriors at your side.
Then, you take stock.
re commitment,
resist the evil one
draw near to God
call on the name of Jesus
and press in.
And suddenly you know
how Joshua felt
standing with his toes on the first border
to the Promised Land,
staring down giants.
And like him,
you slide your helmet down onto your head,
slip the King’s breastplate over your breakable sternum
barely covering your racing heart.
you encircle yourself with the belt of truth
knowing you want nothing to do with lies,
knowing deception is the mustard gas of the enemy
and you step into shoes fitted with the readiness
of the gospel of peace,
hoping that anyone watching from the sidelines
will see you fight
and know you serve the Most High King
worthy of any sacrifice
you may make on this field.
Curling your fingers
round the hilt of the sword
of the word of the spirit of God
you pray your shield of faith
has been modernized
so it resembles the coverage power
of the Starship Enterprise
so it can encircle all those you love
and withstand the fiery, hot breath
of an ancient dragon
refitted now with napalm
and laser beams.
And then,
you stare the enemy in the eye
and everything else
goes strangely silent
except the sound of your own breathing
barely breathing
and the pounding of your heart
like a raging waterfall
fueled by the melting snows
in the mountains of your worst imaginations
as you await the voice
of your commanding officer.
Disaster has come to your tent
but you are not a victim
you are a warrior
and while all is fair
in love and war
war will have its end
and love will reach into eternity
and take you home
on eagles’ wings.
The dragon is already defeated
and you are already home
kept safe in the heart of the High King
and you are His favored child
and Joshua sits beside Him calling you out onto the field.
Thank you to all the prayer warriors raising my family up in prayer and battling for the restoration of my husband’s health against this elusive and devastating illness. Your prayers are like fiery arrows against the unseen forces of the enemy. Praying for all of you, as well. God bless. Lori

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    The Conversation

  1. Pam Manners says:

    Holy cow….this just blew me away! Composed straight from the battlefield. Thank you, Lori.

  2. Blessed by the honest and powerful view of the battlefield. Thank you!

  3. Judith Robl says:

    Well said — VERY well said. Each line my spirit whispered “been there, done that” and the memories of loss still hurt. But I know that the wiles of the enemy, while they can be successful against the physical, can never defeat the spirit that is grounded in faith. Have just added your family to my prayer list for healing.

  4. Very powerful! I’m praying for your husband and family. God bless you.

  5. Edie Melson says:

    I’ve been there, more often than I want to count. You’ve summed it up so well, as you always do. Never doubt we’re there with you! Stand strong, you’re not alone and as you said, the victory is won.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who was it thought he was alone in the battle and looked up to see he was surrounded by God’s angels, ready to do battle for him? Isn’t it wonderful to have praying friends who support you through the battle for Rob’s health? You can’t see them but you can read their notes to you, you can feel their prayers, you can rejoice that the battle is the Lord’s and He is always victorious. Whatever you and Rob face, you won’t be facing it alone! Love, MOMMA

  7. I’d like to say something other than Wow! but that about sums it. Wow!