Snooze Button Believers

Allow me to confess something here.

I became addicted in college and am only now, age fifty-seven, coming to terms with my addiction.

I’m certainly not the only person to have this monkey on my back, but I haven’t yet seen a program designed to help me deal with breaking my once a day (okay sometimes three times daily) habit.

I am addicted to my snooze button.

That’s right. Every morning since the first alarm clock I purchased that featured this nifty device, I’ve clicked that baby once, twice, sometimes three times before dragging myself from sleep to standing.

For years, I thought it was brilliant, but with time, I’ve come to see it for what it is, a way to delay, a pass to procrastinate, a way to mechanically (or digitally) leverage laziness. Those extra moments of dozing do me no good, and in fact, probably contribute to a certain grogginess that bleeds into my morning.


Worse, this snooze-fest has invaded my spiritual life, as well. That’s right. God has recently shown me that I’m at risk of being a snooze-button believer.

It happens when I read a passage of scripture, study a sound teaching, or hear a powerful sermon. Something awakens within me. It stirs, and I hear the call to action.

The sun rises in my soul and I peek out from beneath the covers of denial – there is more God expects of me on this side of glory and He wants me to be about it.

Then, my soul hits the snooze.

I don’t consciously delay, but neither do I implement immediate obedience. I think, “Yes, my prayer life has been lagging. I need to address that!” Snooze. “Who wants to go to lunch, take a nap, see a movie, time for bed, head to work. Wait, is it Wednesday already and my prayer life remains unchanged?”

Or, I hear the Holy Spirit whisper that time is growing shorter. There are so many in my life who don’t know Him. And I completely believe I’m responsible to speak up. “Hmm, but where do I begin? Do I really know how to do it? Should I watch a video on evangelism?

Maybe I should study a scripture on salvation. Is this something I can do at my job and not get in trouble? Well, I’ve told so-and-so years ago with no success, so, that counts.” And I think my way through a month, a year, a decade of not sharing my faith.

The snooze button for the soul can be set for long, long periods of escape.

Sleep is lovely. Dozing is sweet. But, do we want to be among those found napping when Christ returns, or do we want to live awake to the work and wonder of His advancing kingdom?

If we desire the latter, we need to deactivate the snooze button in our souls. We can’t do it without His power, but with Him, we can rise, not only from sleep, but also from death.


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    The Conversation

  1. Amen. Thanks for yet another needful poke. 🙂

  2. Ana says:

    Oh my goodness. This is SO CONVICTING. What a great analogy. I love this. Thanks!

  3. Lj says:

    Lori, Thanks for hitting the target!! This post is something I want to pray thru. I hope you share more on this timely subject and dig deeper. Every word was so right on and convicting. I used to tell a dear friend, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” Thanks for the good kind of reproof!!

  4. naomi says:


  5. Twana Walker says:

    Amen. I do not use my snooze button, however I am guilty of the Spiritual snoozing and I do not want to be caught snoozing when my Savior returns!

  6. Charla says:

    I heard that loud and clear…the first time! I confess, too.