Introducing the Next Generation iGod

“You have a blog?” He asked. “What’s it about?”

“It’s called ‘Deeper with Jesus in Rhode Island.’” I answered.

“So, it’s about Jesus?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Yup. Says it right there in the title. Noooo hidden agenda. No surprises.” I’m growing accustomed to the raised eyebrow response.

“Why ‘in Rhode Island?’” He asked.

I shrugged. “It’s where I live.”

“All righty, then.” That’s how he ended that line of conversation. Just like that. “All righty, then.”

A few years ago, I would have cringed.

This man was a published author with connections. If you don’t know this, unpublished authors (those without book contracts) want to impress published authors who have connections. We want to sound savvy, inventive, and sophisticated. We want to sound clever, like someone you’d invite to a round table or a salon.

I wasn’t hitting those notes with my blog title, not in this guy’s mind. As I said, a few years ago that would have bothered me but lately, I’ve begun to inhabit who I am.

Choosing the name of this blog was a step toward owning my identity.

My title isn’t clever, smart, or trendy but it reflects the heart of my existence. My life is bent toward growing deeper in my relationship with Jesus. That’s what I care about. If you boil me down, that’s my essence. One woman following Jesus – moving ever deeper with Jesus.

And, doing that in Rhode Island.

Adding “in Rhode Island” was my white flag of surrender to God’s geographical vision for my life.

I tried to get out. For years, I suggested many other places God might use me. At the end of every discussion, He would lean back in His God chair, nod His head, and say, “I’ve heard what you had to say, Lori. I like you in Rhode Island.”Somewhere around the time I started this blog, I began to ask myself, why not Rhode Island? It’s a place. There are souls here.

It’s a beautiful part of the planet and, though it’s small and unknown, so am I and if Rhode Island hasn’t escaped God’s notice, I take comfort that I haven’t either.

Titles are supposed to be provocative hooks, a little mysterious, enticing the reader in, ensnaring them before they can realize exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into.But the apostle Paul makes a big deal about relying, not on clever words, but on the power of Christ when it comes to moving forward with the gospel.

In 2 Corinthians he writes: “But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.” 2 Corinthians 4:2 ESV

Paul recommends we simply lead with Jesus.After nearly fifty years of walking with Jesus, I’m beginning to understand that everyone – everyone on the planet – will, at some point in their existence, have to come to terms with Him.And I’m accepting that it’s best just to let Him lead.

There’s no point trying to sneak up on people with Jesus.

There’s no point disguising Him until people like Him and then announcing “Ta-da! Fooled you! You actually like Jesus!”

There’s no real gain in clever, high-concept packaging and promotions that introduce Jesus as if He’s the next generation iGod, the deity brainchild of Apple’s development and research department.

I stand with Paul in thinking it’s best just to put Jesus right out in front of the conversation – you know, just lead with Jesus and let the talk flow from there – or not.

It’s getting way too late in the game to waste time playing coy with the truth.

While I do invest in creative approaches to writing, I invest more in my relationship with God. Time reading and studying the Bible. Time in prayer. Time, just time, in His presence. Time learning to obey and to submit to His will. Time learning His mind. Time going deeper with Jesus.

Creativity springs from my relationship with Him and I revel in it but I don’t rely on it to sell people on Jesus.

I’m not a spokesperson or sales associate in the Kingdom of God. I’m not on God’s ad council.

I’m a Jesus follower. A Jesus lover. An activist in a revolution called the gospel of Christ. A recipient of mercy. A proponent of grace. One who stands forgiven. A freedom fighter in the battle for glory.

And I live in Rhode Island.

What about you? Are you ready to put Jesus out in front? No gimmicks. No branding. Just Jesus.And are you ready to follow Him right where you are?

He doesn’t need a logo because He is The Logos.

Have you come to terms with Jesus? If you have, are you ready to go deeper?That’s what I care about. That’s what I write about. If that’s not something you’re interested in, scroll to the top of the page and click “next blog.”

If it is, come back again because this blog is about going deeper with Jesus

whereever you are.

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    The Conversation

  1. Anonymous says:

    “I’ve begun to inhabit who I am.” HaHa love that…can’t say I’m 100% comfortable inhabiting who I am (???) but working on it always! kemrex

  2. Leslie Payne says:

    “All righty then” could mean all sorts of things, you just never know what that man was thinking. Love your thoughts, Lori, they are encouraging and challenging.

  3. I love your post. I am also inhabiting who I am. I love what you said about Rhode Island.I have tried to get out of Broken Bow for years. Every time I left was brought back. I am now comfortable with that concept. I will do exactly what God wants me to do and will try to enjoy every minute of it.

    Glenda Parker

  4. We’re all a work in progress, kemrex!

    Leslie, believe me, “all righty then” was meant to be dismissive. Thanks for your faithfulness!

    Glenda, you go, woman, in Florida! We’ll have coffee on the other side! 🙂

  5. scw1217 says:

    I’m with you. I am who I am. I tell my daughter all the time to “embrace her roots.” I was born and raised right in this county in Central Florida. I live 10 minutes from the home I grew up in (my parents still live there). I am a Southerner with a strange accent and silly Southern sayings. It is who I am. I am also a child of God, and I’m with you on that too. My every day existence, my every thought, every word I write is to His glory. Great post.