He Who Saves One Life, Saves the World

earth-683436_640There’s something God is asking you to do.

But you’re hesitating.

You’re not sure.

Maybe you didn’t hear him correctly.

And certainly, He’s got the wrong person, right?

I mean, there are better Christians than you and He hasn’t asked them to do this.

You know how mixed your motives are. Maybe this isn’t from God. Maybe you’re just looking for attention for yourself.

If it was something that God wants done, certainly others would have seen it, too. Smarter people. People who have known God longer. Braver, more talented people. I mean, who are you, right?

But, there it is again. That little voice. You know that voice. It’s Him.

But this is crazy. People aren’t going to understand this. And it’s not like you to do something based on a quiet urging, a sign, a desire, a call.

Still. There it is, again.

In the days of Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, the great leader of Ancient China, opened the door of his nation to the adventurer’s God. He told Marco that he would like to learn about this God and requested he bring back with him one hundred Christians to teach his people about Jesus Christ.

Two priests answered the call to go.


But even these two, when they encountered hardship and difficulty crossing the great mountains separating east from west, turned back.

They turned back.

No one but God can know how the world would be different today if Polo could have found one hundred Christians willing to go or if the two he did find had not turned back.

If even ONE had stayed the course.

It was a pretty crazy notion and it would have taken great courage and determination to carry it through

but they had an open door.

There are open doors all over the place right now.

 To borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis, “Aslan is on the move.” God is at work. Something is afoot.

Is it the beginning of the end? I don’t know the answer to that but I know there are open doors everywhere – opportunities, moments to seize, conversations to start, risks to be taken.

You agree with me or you wouldn’t still be reading.

Jesus said: “See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” Revelation 3:8

Are you looking at an open door thinking you’re the last person you would choose to walk through it? Are you thinking you don’t even have the strength to think about having the strength? Go back and read that verse again. He’s trying to tell you that none of that matters.

Aren’t you weary of living life with your silencer on? These days call for bold moves. I’m not a bold mover, but there is the seed of boldness gestating deep inside me and it’s ready to bloom.

I’ve read the Bible. I’ve seen Jesus at work. I’ve witnessed men and women changed, transformed by a power that is greater than any other in this world.

Don’t you want to be fully part of it?

The people who followed Jesus in the past and those who follow Him now must walk away from everything they once knew and be willing to move forward no matter the risk.

People thought they were crazy. Loved ones thought they were wrong, misguided, irresponsible, off their rails. You don’t go fishing for men, right? That’s not normal.

But it is. In the kingdom that arrived when Jesus ushered it in, that is normal. And if you’re a citizen of that kingdom, risking everything is something you do before breakfast in the morning.

If not now, when?

You hear Him talking to you. You know you want to respond. You know you’re tired of pushing that urge back down. You know the stakes. You hear Him getting closer every day. So why wait any longer? Why hold back another day?

At the end of Schindler’s List, when the war is over, Schindler stands with all of the men and women he managed to save from destruction by the Nazi’s.

But in that moment, rather than feeling pride, it’s as if Schindler suddenly realizes how real the war actually was.

In some ways, he had only been playing a game of “how many  can I save?” But now, when the war is won, the realization of all those dead, the reality of what had happened, comes racing at him.

This was no game. All he can see now is how much more he could have done, how many more he could have saved. He suddenly sees the value of even One More Person.

There is a day like that waiting for all of us.

What if the risk you’re hesitating to take could save just One More Person?

After any great war, children ask those who were there “What did you do during the war?” 

What will be your answer when it’s all over one day and someone asks you, “What did you do during the war?

What did you risk in the days of Elijah for One More Person?”

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    The Conversation

  1. Pam Manners says:

    Why is it that lately, practically every post of yours leaves me in tears and SO convicted. From the subject matter, right down to the Scripture verse, I am sitting here moved, frightened & shaken, as if I’ve heard the actual voice of God at my kitchen table, coming through my laptop. Several things God has recently laid before me, several doors He has opened and asked me to walk through, yet I am struggling to even say ‘Yes,’ let alone take the steps. But it’s obvious I can no longer cower in a dark corner, hoping God won’t know I’m there and thinks that I perhaps left town. Just call me Jonah.

    I am grateful for the time it takes for you to put together each blog post: the prayer, the waiting, the writing, the searching for pictures, etc., as well as your openness to God for what He has for you to share.

    I’d greatly appreciate prayer, Lori, for the steps, the risks and the sacrifices I know I must take and make NOW. Thank you so much.

    Grace & peace,
    Pam M.

    • I will pray for you, Pam. I was so impressed upon to post this today even though I posted a new blog just yesterday. I tried to ignore the prompt but finally sat down to prepare the post. When I did, I learned it is the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance. No mere coincidence, I’m sure. I’m also sure God had someone in mind who needed to read this today. Perhaps that was you, sister. May God bless you and embolden you!

  2. I completely agree with Pam about this post, Lori. Very convicting. I’ve been praying for help in being more bold for my faith lately, to truly say to God, “Yes, Lord, now what is the question?”

    Thank you for this conviction and encouragement in this post. Thank you for being bold in your own faith. You are a blessing and an inspiration. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s Monday and I just read this blog. Yesterday, at our annual church meeting, we discussed the need for people to fill positions in the church. We have some empty leadership spots. I encouraged the members to stop feeling inadequate. So what if you’re not sure you’re qualified. God will equip you if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone. So what if you’re old or young or tired. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and you’ll have the strength, knowledge, whatever it takes to do the job. We were not called to sit! When I read your blog, I thought, “Wow. The Holy Spirit was moving! He gives us the words, the courage to speak them, and the faith to believe. What a mighty God we serve. MOMMA

  4. Thanks to Pam Manners above, I have recently been turned on to your blog. I want you to know that I love it, and have subscribed. Although for some reason when you try to share from the email, it doesn’t show your blog.

    But I also find this very convicting, and reminds me when it doesn’t make sense to me, I should still be obedient.