Don’t Make Me Go in There, Please

Don’t go there
Ever say that? Or think it?
Someone brings up a touchy subject,
one that hits an exposed nerve
like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Or they exhume a pain long-buried
now in an advanced state of decomposition,
nothing you want to look at or examine closely.
You prefer that it stay buried,
in fact,
the fingerprints on the original shovel are yours.
It’s the thing we prefer not to think about,
either because it’s happened to us and we can’t face it
or because it hasn’t, so we have no reference point for compassion.
We want to be grown-ups about it,
but inside us there’s a little child sticking his fingers in his ears singing, “I can’t hear you!”
or a little girl running to her room, slamming the door, and pulling covers up over her head. “I won’t go there. You can’t make me!”
And we shove our junk under the bed,
or the rug
or in the closet
or further back in our minds,
our memories,
our lock box.
The topic has a million names –
homosexuality, divorce, addiction, abortion
porn, premarital sex, child abuse, prison
church abuse, occult, witchcraft, prostitution,
poverty, disfigurement, bankruptcy, probation,
transgendered, cutting, suicide, mental illness.
You name it,
no – on second thought – don’t name it
because to say its name invites it to take form,
to appear right where you are,
to become the charging elephant in the room with your name on the bottom of its giant foot.
Don’t go there!
Sometimes it’s an angry command.
Other times it’s a desperate, weeping plea.
Don’t go there or if you do, don’t make me go there, too.
Here’s the thing about Jesus, though,
He entered Hell.
He descended to the belly of our putrid, sinful worst and emerged alive, triumphant, victorious.
He’s not afraid to go anywhere.
He’ll go anywhere to find you, rescue you, lead you out, transform you, cleanse you, and heal you.
He’s undefeatable and just a flash of His light extinguishes the choking darkness of this place you will not go.
Sometimes – many times – most of the time
the only way to escape this place is to go there – with Him.
He’s seen ugliness, evil, shame, and perversion at their very worst. He’s literally seen it all and died with His eyes wide open to the weight of the crushing sin that fell upon Him in that final hour.
He breaks the back of evil and loosens the chains of bondage. He wipes away fear and shame like a cosmic squeegee – in fact, many times, when you are waiting at a stoplight and a man in rags cleans your windshield for a handful of your spare change, that’s Jesus showing you what He could do with those festering rooms you keep locked away, allowing no one to enter, making yourself a prisoner in a house you built.
Next time you feel that tightness in your gut, the weight of an elephant pressing his foot down on your chest, the panic like a rabbit caught in the gardener’s sights,
the next time you whisper, “Please, don’t go there.”
Remember that “there” is exactly where He wants to take you in order to free you so can move about the planet freely and wander without a care into any room in your house.
One of these subjects that affects us all and is not going away is pornography. Vicki Tiede has just published a new book for wives whose husbands have been addicted to online pornography websites like Below are links to excerpts and to purchase the book if you are a woman in need of sound Biblical counsel on this topic.
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  1. Amen, Sister! Sharing.

  2. Mick says:

    Well said. What else is there, really?

    I’m in. Sign me up for more posts like this. 🙂