Don’t Go to Church This Sunday – A Challenge to All American Christians

Here’s a thought.

Don’t go to church this Sunday.

I mean it.

The whole country is discussing the widespread hypocrisy of the American church and it can’t be argued. The hypocrisy is there. We see it ourselves. There are enormous problems with the church as an institution.

So, don’t go to church this Sunday.

I mean it.

Because Sunday is not the church’s day.

Sunday is not the day for the church.

Sunday is the Lord’s Day.

We are the church. Jesus is the Lord. Sunday is the Lord’s day. Understand?

We’ve turned it into the church’s day but we’ve got it wrong.

It belongs to the Lord and we need to give it back.

So this Sunday, try something different.

Don’t go to church this Sunday.

Go to Jesus.

Jesus tells His people to gather together and expect Him to be there in their midst. So, go to Jesus this Sunday. Gather with other believers, be in their midst but look expectantly for Jesus there.

In fact, before you go, ask Him to show you His presence. Confess your sins. Repent. Ask Jesus to give you eyes that see Him and ears that hear Him and a heart that is open to Him and to His work in the midst of the gathering of His people.

Try to imagine how the first disciples felt when they grabbed friends, spouses, siblings and said “We’ve found Him. The Messiah is here, with us, among us and He is announcing the coming of the Kingdom of God. Come and see Him.”

Imagine their excitement – they were going to see the Messiah and hear Him proclaim the coming of the Kingdom.

And as they listened to Him, they were changed.

They went to Jesus. They followed Jesus. And they BECAME the church.

They didn’t GO to church. They WENT to Jesus.

We’ve got it all a**-backwards, don’t we?

We go to church and become hypocrites. We need to go to Jesus and become the church.

So, don’t go to church this week. This week, go to Jesus.

Don’t tune into the music – tune into the Holy Spirit.

Don’t praise the sound of your own voice or the talent of the musicians – praise the unseen God.

Don’t listen to the sermon – listen to the beating heart of God who is alive and is eternal and is filled with life that can fill you, too.

Don’t focus on the announcements – focus on the person beside you or in front of you and decide to make a connection – a deeper connection than “Bless you, sister.” Or “How was your week, brother?” Or “What are we doing for lunch, dear?” See this person as another part of a body to which you are attached and understand that the same blood of Jesus that pumps through your veins pumps through theirs and then make a deeper connection.

Don’t go to church this Sunday.

We cannot revive ourselves. We cannot cleanse ourselves. We cannot purify ourselves or call ourselves to repentance or clean our own house. We are sinners saved by grace and the only power we have is found, not in the church but in Jesus.

So don’t go to church this Sunday.

I mean it.

This Sunday, go to Jesus and become the church.

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    The Conversation

  1. Amen sister…I won’t be going to church and I decided not to go a few years back for the very reasons you have posted here. Makes perfect sense to me!

  2. I understand, Dolores. I’m NOT suggesting we stay away from gathering on Sunday mornings or throughout the week with other believers. God tells us NOT to give up meeting together. But, our direction has to be toward Jesus – always changing, always being changed.

  3. Karin says:

    Yup, totally agree – don’t go to church but BE the church and I need to start at home first!

  4. Serving Jesus at home is quite the challenge, eh? I agree, Karin.

  5. Wow, this is awesome!

  6. Cheri says:

    I agree with Betsy, this is awesome.

    It’s not that we need to condemn the church and quit going . . . but that we need to see ourselves for the sinners we are, repent of that sin, fall on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, and gather together with the saints to encourage each other, to change what the church has become into what it should be . . . in Him!

    I mean, we can leave the institution, but we will take ourselves with us, and therein is the origin of the problem.


  7. Anonymous says:

    We WENT to church today. I go because I love to be in church. I love worshiping through song with other believers and I like the fresh focus of the teaching. I don’t think of it as a replacement to knowing and having a relationship with Christ. It’s a relationship enhancer for me to focus on Jesus. It’s also a great place for networking with the body to become aware of needs…people needing acceptance, forgiveness and friendship, and to witness reasons and events to give praise to Jesus. Then…I can go out and BE the Church, outside the building. I won’t let the imperfections and judgement of others drive me away and I pray I am not one to discourage others from what the church offers. My friend Lyle taught me, that if I look for a perfect church, find it and attend it will no longer be perfect. I agree and desire to give others the grace to be there, also.
    Jan Lovett

  8. I love that, Jan, and your very real and genuine in your love of the Lord and of His people. When I was six, the first verse I recited before the church was from Psalm 122 “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord.” I have always loved the Lord and His people. I ache for people who have let their hurt and disappoint with others get in the way of their relationship with Jesus. I am always looking for those wounded sheep lost in the thickets along the way.

  9. Nardalyn says:

    This posting is one of your best. I’m humbled and inspired and challenged.

  10. Wow, Narda. That means so much. I’m really working through these thoughts myself. It’s a refocus I gained through prayer and study last week and I’m still thinking out the implications.

  11. A thought-provoking post. I’ve challenged myself at times in this same way, to stay home and spend the time with God. It’s interesting to observe my thoughts…what will others think, I have a new outfit to wear, insights I wanted to share on the day’s SS lesson, on and on. Sometimes it’s refreshing to sit out a Sunday or two and rethink why I’m attending.

  12. I’m not actually advocating that people stay home. I believe we should gather with other believers. There is a time for solitary worship but I believe Sunday is a day for corporate worship. I just think we need to readjust our focus to meeting with Jesus at the same time instead of “attending church”. I’ve stayed home sometimes, too, but I believe He doesn’t want us to give up meeting together. Thanks for dropping by. I value your feedback, Kim.