Designer God – Some Assembly Required

If someone asked our children
“If you could design your mom or dad to be any way you’d like,
what would they be?”
I wager we’d get some interesting and rather predictable responses.
Like children,
we can be tempted to design God
after our own idea
of what we would like in a god.
And I’m sure He finds our notions similarly predictable and childish.
There are many things about Jesus that baffle and befuddle me.
I’d like Him to be clearer sometimes
and at other times, a little less clear.
Sometimes He is patient when I’d have thought He’d be angry
and angry when I’d have thought He’d be pleased.
I want Him to be soft on me and hard on others.
I want Him to understand why making everything easy for me is a much better idea than the one He apparently has in mind.
I’d like Him to spend much more time talking about how everything is going to be okay
and less time on ideas like dying to self, sacrifice, and long-suffering.
Children are prone to have fantasies in which they suddenly learn
their true parents are a wealthy king and queen
who want to rescue them and give them everything they want forever and ever.
But as they grow, children usually come to appreciate the flesh and blood parents
who raised them with a mixture of love and imperfection.
It is time we grew up to the truth about God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
The Jews hailed a king when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
They cried out to Him, “Hosanna! Save us now! Save us now!”
And Jesus wept because they had no idea
the road He would take to procure their salvation.
And some of them would desert Him
and wait, instead, for another Messiah
who will never come.
He was not the God they imagined
so they chose their imaginations over God.
He is a personal Savior
but we cannot personalize Him
the way we would bedazzle a purse
or customize a car
or renovate a house.
We cannot accept Him
and then decide to upgrade
to a more palatable deity who doesn’t make our friends uncomfortable
or require us to change.
I am.
That says it all.
He is.
This is truth.
To follow Him is to allow Him to reveal Himself
and then renovate our own spiritual houses
to come in line with His design
not the other way around.
Control freaks need not apply.
You thought it was tough for a rich man to inherit the kingdom,
imagine the odds of the selfish, entitled, independent, controlling, arrogant, demanding humans
we’re breeding en masse in these modern times
bowing at the feet of a God who does things His own way in His own time for His own purpose.
When we pray for miracles,
let this be at the top of our request,
that God will reach us
even though we’ve become like spoiled children
and that we will not miss Him when He comes
because we were looking for the god of our imagination
rather than the God who is.
Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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    The Conversation

  1. Ginny Jaques says:

    Amen. You have described us so well, and you have described Him so well too.

  2. Lori, Tosca Lee’s Iscariot shows this so well. The disciples struggled to understand Jesus’s mission – as we continue to struggle.