Christians and Roe v Wade

Why is Roe v Wade such a concern for many Christians? Why is this an issue on which we’re passionate? Does our interest stem from a form of fascism that seeks to impose our faith beliefs on others? Not at all. Fascism is the antithesis of faith in Christ. Faith in Christ cultivates humility, compassion for others, and a focus on change from the inside. External imposition of change isn’t faith, it’s force. However, in a democracy, where citizens have a voice, it is the responsibility of Christians to advocate for the protections of those who cannot speak for themselves. The unborn are vulnerable and voiceless but they are human. They deserve the chance to survive the womb.

Today on, I was asked to share my thoughts on the history of Roe v Wade. Here is the article where I write about the need for Christians to respect and demonstrate compassion for women in their reproductive choices but to reject the death of vulnerable child as a viable solution for complex problems. The deaths of an estimated 63 million souls should give us pause as we ask ourselves if we can’t make better choices going forward as a society that values all life.

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  1. Deb Haggerty says:

    Great article, Lori! Thank you for taking that stand.

  2. Barbara Latta says:

    A great article, Lori. Thanks for sharing about this sensitive issue. Hopefully this article will reach those who are struggling with decisions and the light will come on to give them godly direction.