10 Ways to Pray for Haiti! All Hands and Knees on Deck!

I am not an expert in prayer. Prayer is not magic. Prayer is the means God gave us through Jesus Christ to appear before Him and pour out our hearts to Him. Prayer is how we communicate with God and how He communicates back to our hearts. God is moved by our prayers through Jesus Christ. To pray is to act.

Most of us can’t head to Haiti but we can be effective in joining the rescue efforts through prayer. We should give sacrificially of our resources to help the Haitians and we should also give sacrificially of our time by spending hours in prayer.

Here are SOME ways to pray for Haiti. There are more. Use scripture for prayer. Pray during the news. Pray when you read the newspaper. Pray for specific people you know who are going. My friend Joe is organizing a medical team right now. If you don’t know anyone else pray for him and for his wife who is a Haitian American. Here are ten ways to pray for Haiti:

1. Clean your spiritual house before you intercede. Confess your own sins. Forgive those you have not forgiven. You don’t go into battle with a broken or dirty weapon.

2. Acknowledge that God is sovereign and loves the people of Haiti. Acknowledge that He knows what is needed there more than you do and has a better vantage point than the reporters on television. Ask Him to inform your prayers. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit.

3. Be silent before God on behalf of the Haitian people. He knows what is needed. Weep before the throne of heaven. If you cannot find words, simply let Him know you are there before the throne of heaven interceding on behalf of those who suffer In Haiti and you wish for Him to act on their behalf. This crisis leaves many of us speechless.  Be speechless before God and let Him read your heart.  He speaks the silent language of our anguished hearts.

4. Pray for people to be saved in every way they need to be saved in Haiti. There are those in Haiti (both Haitians and people from other nations) who need to be physically rescued and those who need to be spiritually rescued. Pray for people to be saved in every way they need to be saved. Pray for the Christians in Haiti who are working to minister to others and care for those in desperate need. Pray for the people of Haiti to have hope in the midst of suffering.

5. Satan is at work in every nation on this earth but the church of Christ has authority through Jesus Christ to bind that work. Satan has no compassion and will use this earthquake to further his own purposes. Bind the work of the evil one in Haiti.In the name of Jesus, bind Satan’s efforts to accomplish his own plans in Haiti and in the other nations involved in the rescue efforts.

6. Pray for release of the workers and supplies heading to Haiti. Pray for smooth lines of travel, communication and supply. Pray for protection and wisdom for those distributing the supplies and arriving to help.Pray for a spirit of cooperation and joy between workers and agencies and nations.  Pray for the Haitians organizing and mobilizing aid. Pray for health for all the workers.

7. Pray for protection for the helpless. Pray for comfort for those who mourn. Pray for God to bind the violence in human hearts that would take advantage of the helpless in this situation. Pray for light to shine in every dark place in Haiti.

8. Pray for comfort for those who mourn outside of Haiti. There are Haitians living in other countries. There are other men and women from other nations who have lost someone they love in Haiti. Pray for their comfort in Jesus Christ.

9. Pray for persevering and enduring assistance for the people of Haiti. The problems brought about by this earthquake will not be solved quickly. Pray for wisdom, resources, protection and people with determined spirits to commit to the long-haul  process, both Haitians and men and women from other nations.

10. Pray for the children. Pray for the orphans of Haiti. Pray for their protection from both the elements and those who prey on the weak. Pray for their survival physically, mentally and emotionally. Pray for families to love them and workers to love and care for them. Pray that they will be saved in every way they need to be saved. Pray for God to be a very present comfort for the orphaned children and teens.

Your turn now. There are many more ways to pray. In the comment section, list ways to pray for Haiti or people you know who are there or heading there soon. Time for battle people. All knees on deck!

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    The Conversation

  1. Joe Crowley says:

    Thank You Sis.

    Pray that the attention would start to look outward from Port Au Prince as there are thousands and thousands from smaller cities and villages with no medical relief aid. The affects of the earthquake were much wider spread than the media is really representing.

    Pray that the First World Medical relief people are able to, and will, carry out Civil War medical practices to preserve life.

    Wisdom and “Haitian street smarts” for the military as they deal with robbers, thugs, and gangs, from a very, very, different culture. When to shoot and when not to.

    That people who are not qualified and/or know the lay of the land of Haiti would stay here and find other ways to help.

    The availability of fuel for relief travel to the outlying areas, and for the transportation of food and produce to Port Au Prince.

    For the people who are on the fence about doing bad things in a desperate situation, that they would stay on the right side.

    Etc, etc…

    God Bless,

  2. Thanks, Joe! That’s excellent direction. Praying God supplies all you need for the team heading to Haiti.

  3. Joe Crowley says:

    Pray for aftershocks to stop already! They are creating big problems.

  4. dlynne222 says:

    Praying with you!

  5. Joyful says:

    Praying with you for Haiti.

  6. Here is info on Joe’s upcoming trip to Haiti:
    Info on Haiti Relief efforts. I will be going with a Medical Team on January 25TH – February 1ST. The next Team, most likely March 1ST – 8TH. The Mission is “Bread of Compassion” Mission out of Wayland, MA, http://www.breadofcompassion.com/ Donations can go directly there with “Haiti, Joe Crowley” in the memo. Anything… over and above will apply directly to my next trip. Thank You for your help!!! God Bless, Joe & CCSee More

  7. Cheri says:

    Very encouraging!

    So often we think that if we cannot do SOMETHING tangible – like physically going to Haiti to help, or sending a large sum of money to help those who can go – that we are off the hook from doing anything, when in reality, prayer is the best something we can invest in. And you have shared some awesome ways to pray.