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  • When Evil has a Lovely Mother

    What if you met the mother of evil and thought she was a lovely woman? Would you then invite evil over for cookies? In Men in Black, Will Smith engages in training to battle alien invaders. During a simulation, he and the other trainees encounter a scene that involves a little girl walking in a …[ read more ]

  • When Christians Who Sin are Exposed to the World

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s important to grow up, to step into maturity, to move past childish things. It is that time in the life of the modern church. Specifically, we need to grow up around the topic of sin within the Body of Christ. The church is making headlines because …[ read more ]

  • Joy Behar has Done Christians a Huge Favor – so Thank You, Joy!

    Joy Behar has done Christians a favor. She’s provided a wonderful opportunity for us to consider how we might respond to someone who accuses us of being mentally ill for holding to certain beliefs and practices based on our faith. Ms. Behar isn’t the first person to use that idea as a punchline. I’ve heard …[ read more ]

  • How God Sees Us as We Become the Oldest Generation

    My parents tell me a lot of things I already know. Does this happen to you? I was at my folk’s house when my married daughter called. When she hung up, I explained she was home with a fever. My dad rose immediately and went to the counter where he keeps his medications. “Call her …[ read more ]

  • Christians Sentenced to Death – What Difference Does It Make to Us?

    **Warning: This post may make you feel bad. ***Warning: That feeling may be appropriate. There are moments in life that feel like a swift slap in the face. No one courts that. No one wants to feel that pain. But, if it’s a slap that rearranges your priorities to align with God’s heart, then you …[ read more ]